From 24 March to 08 April 2018

Presentation of FIAC

Presentation of FIAC

Entrepreneurs in their strategy of growth and development are looking for opportunities to meetthe consumer market, efficient judges of trends and real needs.

The International Business and Trade Fair, FIAC, has the ambition of bringing together “under one roof in one place”all that can be desired or requested by consumers, wholesalers or individuals. Its simple but strong vocation focuses on creating the optimal conditions for companies and brands but also for professional sales representatives to disseminate their products, services and innovations in a dedicated, convenient, modern and secure environment.

During 16 days, FIAC wants to offer a new perspective at the art of selling and consuming, a showcase for both big brands and small entrepreneurs, propose a real platform for Better Sales and Better Consumption, to emerge as a revealer of trends and an inevitable two-year meeting between brands and consumers.

Better Sales and Better Consumption neccesitate a priority on quality and price, affordable innovation, sustainable solutions in order to transform useful to pleasant and make consumer’s everyday life more delicious.

In the digital age, the virtual does not replace human beings needs: to touch, to feel, to taste, to communicate. Consumers want to know if the promises advertised and conveyed by the digital corresponds to the reality. Hence the importance for companies in every sector to get out of virtual communication and present themselves to the general public.

FIAC is resolutely announcing its 35000 m2 of floor area as the largest commercial platform in Central Africa, ideal for bringing consumers closer to the heart of products and services.

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The installation of Exhibitors emphasizes on the main sectors of production and the main product groups for an efficient orientation of consumers awaited: housing and furniture, household appliances, computers, telephones and smartphones, wines and spirits, crockery, gastronomy, food industry, interior design, beauty care, office automation, clothing, lingerie, shoes, DIY / hardware, hairdressing, sport and fitness, body care, board games, banking and insurance, health and cosmetics, and many others.

Different Country Counters are set up to distinguish the origin of the products displayed and offered for sale and increase the attractiveness of the Fair.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet each other or special customers in open-spaces in order to advise, negotiate and conclude business.

FIAC also offers, as in the African friendliness tradition and the range of its amenities, the opportunity to enjoy yourself by savoring the dishes and flavors of  different regions in an environment animated by cultural and artistic interactions in a large “Grand café / restaurant” of 1500 m2.

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